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A open letter to those seeking God's face. A open letter to those seeking God's face.


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A open letter to those seeking God's face.

Posted on Sat, Jan 31, 2015

Just another Wed night Service

Dear Friends of LWC,

This past Wednesday night LWC met as usual at 7 pm. Billy Taylor was scheduled to preach and members of the choir where preparing to sing but what happened next was anything but a usual church service. 

The Holy Spirit began dealing with me to instead call for the people there to begin to seek God in prayer together has a body. As we began gathering around the altar (and mind you there where only a few there) the presence of the Holy God of the Universe began to fall. People began to be broke free from things, words of wisdom came to some, words of encouragement for others and repentence for all. 

I wanted to take the time to write about this in order to encourage you out there. God is very real today and very much involved with His people but we must step aside with our agendas and our plans even our thoughts on things get in Gods way at times. We need to start letting God have His way in our churches again, I know alot of times we say we do but truthfully folks it would have been easy on that Wed night service to have missed it. 

Here at LWC myself and the church leadership are commited to doing our best to stay out of Gods way, We hunger to see a move of God like Azusa St or even like ACTS chapter 2. We don't always get it right and for that I apologize but we have established ourselves to be a church that seeks God first and everything else becomes secondary. 

Sincerly yours, 

Pastor Jason Morelock

p.s. If you missed out last Wed don't be discouraged. Everyday is a new day in the Kingdom and God's Blessings are always new. I am sure that isn't the only time we will experience His presence because that's the point of having church after all.   Right?

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